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“Until I discovered cooking I was never really interested in anything.”

Ngoc Quynh Le

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It was in early 2015 that young enthusiastic friends first talked and shared the idea of creating a place at which people could find an unprecedented concept of restaurant in Hanoi. The burning passion, unstoppable energy, and amazing experience from different backgrounds were their main capital to establish their first restaurant Salmonoid. This casually elegant yet relaxing restaurant features terrific fusion cuisine with a nutritional marvel: salmon as the unique food muse. The establishment is located at a small, quiet road at the heart of Hanoi. The mild, sealike aroma, and the firm, elastic texture of salmon, along with the wonderful setting, will bring oceanic moments to mind and sweep away all unease. If it happens to be a summer afternoon when the sun is walling off and throwing last glow on the trees, nothing can compare to the delicious home-made smoke salmon with a glass of Chardonay. This is a place reminiscent of those great culinary finds you experience in cozy European family-owned restaurant but luckily, it’s right in downtown Hanoi. For a truly memorable dining experience, Salmonoid is no doubt a charming choice.



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Raclette Cheese - Salmonoid's Signature



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